The kaleidoscope of fairy tales during the third day of the V International Charity Fairytales Festival “KAZ.KAR.” has swirled with even greater speed, approaching the culminating moment of the solemn closure of two nominations such as theatrical and fine arts. Today, performances, and readings of fairy tales by their authors on stage of the hospitable Lviv regional academic puppet theater has continued. In turn, viewers have kept in mind enchanting performances such as fairy tales presented by the teams from neighboring Poland, Rzeszow, as well as from Kyiv, Chervonograd, Lutsk, Pryluk, and Odessa.

In the neighborhood with the location of the scene, the authors of the fairy tales Victoria Kovalchuk (Lviv) and Oleksandr Dermansky (Kiev) have been reading their works, and intriguing listeners with unexpected turns of interesting plots.

At the locations of the Lviv Historical Museum, the artists perfected their competitive works, investing in the work of the original disclosure of declared topics before.

The guests of the orphanage and boarding school festival, who did not manage to arrive in the country “KAZ.KAR.”, were actively plunging into the events of the day. In particular, they participated in the master classes of the masters from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing and the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”: “Creating a sticker”, “Blinking Compositions”, “Notebook with History”, “Types in Monotype”. They also watched the play of theatrical groups on stage with incredible curiosity, listened carefully to literary readings. Finally, they were fond of a charity buffet. Organizers handed out delicious delicacies from Svitoch in memory of a trip to the country of fairy tales.

In the evening before the solemn awarding of the participants in the category “Theatre” and “Fine Arts” the viewer entertained and taught pupils the wisdom of the puppet theater that was already a favorite for the participants of the puppet theater festival – Irina Ostiuk.

And now there was a thrilling moment …

Andriy Sendetskyy, president and artistic director of the KAZ.KAR festival, was holding a ceremony to summarize and reward the awards in the categories of “Theatre” and “Fine Arts”. The presenter invited the members of the international qualification board to the scene, giving each person the possibility to speak. The organizers handed the present to the scene on stage. Members of the College in 2019 in the category “Theatre”: People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR Larysa Kadyrova, People’s Artist of Ukraine Hrigory Shumeiko, Theatrical Critic from Slovakia Miroslav Ballay; in the nomination “Fine Arts”: Victoria Kovalchuk and graphic artist Julia Stempitskaya (Ukraine), painter Misia Konopka and Agnieszka Daca (Poland) awarded diplomas and festival awards as the best of the best creators of fairy tales who presented their works during the Festival.

Already the fifth time International Charity Fairytales Festival (triennale) “KAZ.KAR.” has announced an important truth that there was not any defeated! Within the limits of kind, hearty, sincere festivals, all participants, guests and contestants are the winners! So all the eyewitnesses got a gift. After all, the fairy tale gave invaluable presents to live with it happy moments and to join in the multiplying of Good!