We begin participation in the 4th Art project “Portrait of a Museum”

4th edition – Lviv History Museum.
For participants from 9 to 13 years old.


On the initiative of the Academic Council of the NGO Center for Cultural and Art Initiatives in Lviv, in 2015, with the participation of the SCA SPIROGRAPH Artistic Public School of Arts and with the support of the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation TORBA, in 2015 the Museum Portrait Project was launched. The debut of the project was held at the Lviv Museum of Natural History. In 2016, as a part of the project, young artists created a portrait of the Lviv National Gallery of Art. B.G. Voznytskiy. The third edition of the project was dedicated to the Museum of Antiquities Collection “Kuferok” of the Center for Cultural and Art Initiatives in Lviv.

The aim of the project is to promote the museum as a world full of riddles where anyone can find interesting things, answers to global questions or their own discoveries. Museum treasures are the models due to which young creators of the beauty can draw on many ideas for displaying their visions with artistic means. During each edition participants are offered a different artistic technique. Participation in the project is free. It enables children from low-income families (and other socially deprived categories) to tap into the world of amazing reflections and transformations.

The project will be implemented on March 23, 2019 (Saturday). Due to limited space and material resources, you can participate in the master class by pre-registering on the project organizer’s website – artcenter.org.ua

Prior to registration, children whose parents are fighting for integrity and peace in Ukraine and children of socially disadvantaged categories will receive the right of registration.

The project is being implemented with the support of the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation “TORBA”