Art Axis 2023 is your chance to make a mark on the international art scene, to open new horizons, and realize your creative dream.

Objective: Our aim is to establish an international platform that unites artists who freely explore the boundaries of traditional art and push beyond, creating unexpected and profound creative visions.

Who’s Invited: The project is open to artists of all kinds and genres – from painters to graphic designers, from illustrators to free-genre artists. Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist, regardless of your age (starting from 5 years old) – you are welcome on our platform.

Theme for 2023: “My Reality”. We invite you to delve into your inner world and express it through your art.

Mission: Our mission is not only to support and promote unique creative visions of artists from all over the world but also to assist children without parental care and children with special needs to develop their artistic flair.

Dear friends, esteemed colleagues, respected art connoisseurs! On October 29, 2023, in Lviv, the exhibition within the annual International Art Project “Art Axis” begins. Since 2018, this project has been focusing on Ukraine as a country striving for harmonious relations with the global community. The primary goal of the project is to create a platform for developing cultural dialogue, promoting deep understanding and collaboration between nations. The exhibition will run until November 5, 2023.

This year’s “Art Axis” slogan is “MY REALITY”. It is reflected in the works of artists from numerous countries around the world, including Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, India, Cameroon, Canada, Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Poland, USA, Serbia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, Hungary, Ukraine, Uruguay, Philippines, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka. The exhibits can be seen at the Center for Architecture, Design, and Urbanism “Powder TOWER” at the address: Pidvalna Street, 4, Lviv.

The project organizer is the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives in Lviv. The coordinator is the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation “TORBA”. We are grateful to all benefactors, patrons, and partners who support this initiative, especially during challenging times for Ukraine.

We express our profound gratitude to every defender of Ukraine, who stands for our country and peace in the world against aggression.