“PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” is a unique opportunity for children and youth passionate about fine and decorative arts to express their creativity and share their best works with the world. We invite young talents to take part in the exciting “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” 2023 Project. This initiative is designed to discover and support the creativity of children and youth in the field of fine and decorative arts and give them an opportunity to showcase their best works on the international stage.

Who is behind the Project?

The “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” Project was initiated by the International Association of Culture and Art in Ukraine in 2011. Since then, the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation “TORBA” has been coordinating the project, with the NGO “Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives” acting as the main organizer.

Our objectives are:

  • To involve children and youth in cultural and artistic processes.
  • To highlight and popularize the creative potential of the participants.
  • To broaden the cultural and artistic worldview of the participants through innovative project formats.

Dates and Venue:

Submissions are accepted from April 10 to October 10, 2023. The best of these will be presented in exhibition halls across Ukraine and partner countries. The opening of the exhibition in Lviv will feature the announcement of results and awarding of authors of the best works.

Participation Conditions:

Project participants are divided into age categories: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and 14-16 years. Works are accepted in various formats, techniques, and genres, including painting, graphics, sculpture, paper cutting, collage, ceramics, installations from various materials, and other types of creativity.

The full conditions for participation in the Project can be viewed here.

How to Apply:

To register a work for participation in the project, fill out the application form here. We eagerly await your creative masterpieces in art!