Congratulations to the participants of IV International Charitable Festival (Triennial) of fairy tales “KAZ.KAR.” 11.06–14.06.2016 and V International Charitable Festival (Triennial) of fairy tales “KAZ.KAR.” 30.05–02.06.2019 on the publication of the second edition of the scientific and journalistic bulletin “Almanac KAZ.KAR.” 2016/2019.

The organizing committee of the Festival and the editors of the almanac prepared, processed the materials, and formed the publication itself was not easy, but still the idea became a successful reality.
Thanks to a large number of people of good will, the results of the great work of all participants of the Festival have been published: theater groups, artists, illustrators, dancers, writers, researchers of fairy tales, volunteers, patrons, sponsors, guests of international events and fans of this art. There are no age or boundaries restrictions.
The peculiarity of “Almanac KAZ.KAR.” is that the course of numerous actions of the Festival 2016 and the Festival 2019 is not described one after another. They are grouped in such a way that each of the festivals has its own title page of the magazine, and the materials of the chronological development of events of different years are directed towards the middle page of the publication. While reviewing the almanac, this principle allows the reader to become, albeit in absentia, a full participant in the festivals of 2016 and 2019, independently of each other.
The rubric is also typical for coverage of events within the IV and V festivals.
The almanac presents scientific materials: abstracts and articles of individual researchers of the phenomenon of fairy tales, reports of which were presented in a round table. Traditionally, the discussion was based on two main issues – “The phenomenon of fairy tales in the cognitive and educational process of society” and “Modern visualization of fairy tales: book, scene, animation.”

Other sections of the almanac are also valuable. For example, published literary works of storytellers who write from the heart for all who are interested in and fascinated by the world of fairy tales, as a means of traveling to a wonderful, unique world. The works are aimed at those who understand that this genre provides answers to key questions for children and adults: where to look for yourself and where is the cherished “place in the world”?!

The Almanac is a kind of mobile gallery of artists and fairy tale illustrators. This is a compact, yet eloquent platform for popularizing the work of both professional virtuoso artists and a wide audience that is inspired by the world of fairy tales and creates their own visual visions.

The uniqueness of this second historical publication is that it presents a short catalog and presentation of the first international art project “Art Axis”. The significance of this event is obvious: both professional artists and beginners can take part in it on an equal basis, who mutually appreciate each other, learn from each other, and stimulate each other. Only sincere and brave masters of fine arts are ready to take part in such an interesting experiment. The project is open only to those artists who multiply real art, communicate with the world without contrived or artificially inspired ambitions.

“Almanac KAZ.KAR.” –  is a great, friendly platform for discussions about the news of theatrical art. The publication is structured in such a way that, as if on an interlude poster, the festival repertoire of various groups from Ukraine and abroad is presented.

The magazine also became a popularizer of fans of choreographic art. On its pages you can see a rosary of numerous groups that took part in a show marathon dedicated to the fairy tale. It is important to note that a kind of kaleidoscopic collection called “Almanac KAZ.KAR.” Is a post-festival publication in which various events coexist: scientific, artistic, educational, and most importantly charitable. After all, special guests of the festivals “KAZ.KAR.” there are always children deprived of parental care, boarding schools, with various disabilities, children, and families of Ukrainian soldiers.

The fairy-tale newsletter is an archival notebook of Good, Meaningful, Real events that become history. Every three years, we implement them again with the creative international community.

The Organizing Committee is grateful to all the Benefactors and People who were not asked for a long time to help prepare the almanac for publication. Apparently, these sincere figures are aware that the publication covers significant events that once again took place solely through public initiative. Thanks to more than a dozen people, our contemporaries, “KAZ.KAR.” remains an artistic, cultural, and intellectual international platform in which more than 10 countries have met for the first time.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine and limited opportunities for holding events, “Almanac KAZ.KAR.” 2016/2019 saw the world. To do this, it took the organizers of the project “KAZ.KAR.” a whole year of preparation for its successful publication. Due to quarantine restrictions, it is not possible to present the publication live at the moment, so we present the popular science bulletin “Almanac KAZ.KAR.” 2016/2019 in a virtual format.

The printed pages of the publication do not mention the assistance of LLC “RSE “SHUVAR”, as the editorial board addressed the management of this enterprise in the person of Mr.  Ivan Fedyshyn after the layout of the almanac. It should be noted that the management of LLC “RSE “SHUVAR” responded favorably and, understanding the situation, helped to complete the collection of funds for payment for printing services.

Therefore, at this solemn moment, during the presentation, on behalf of the entire organizing committee we express our sincere gratitude to LLC “RSE “SHUVAR” for help and congratulate on eloquent debut among patrons and partners of the international project “KAZ.KAR”!

Occasionally and once again, we are grateful to all those who constantly support the implementation of both individual projects and the activities of our Center for Cultural and Artistic Initiatives in general.

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