On the occasion of Julian-calendar Christmas, the creative family of the “SPIROGRAPH” Art School from the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives set out for caroling, adhering to the best traditions of family spirit. The year 2020 began with a festive theatrical procession, where Angels, Devils, Shepherds, Death, Herod, Moško, and Sura performed ringing Christmas compositions such as “Heaven and Earth Now Rejoice” and “God is Born.” The “SPIROGRAPH” Star guided the vertep (Christmas puppet theater) journey, which took place from January 9th to 13th. Participants in the “Vertep” included both members of the theatrical arts department of the “SPIROGRAPH” Art School and actors of the Lviv Author’s Dramatic Theater ScenA8.

Traveling through the city of Lviv and the surrounding settlements, the participants brought a festive mood, cheerful laughter, and the atmosphere of Christmas magic to everyone they encountered. In public transport and intercity buses, passengers enthusiastically sang well-known carols initiated by the actors. No one remained indifferent, instantly joining the carols and reacting kindly to the event. The vertep journey also passed through the hospitable village of Krehiv, where, despite the unusual Christmas weather, festive lights and smiling residents prevailed.

It is particularly important to emphasize that the Christmas atmosphere was also gifted to the residents of Rozdil’s specialized center for people with special needs, visited by the “SPIROGRAPH” group in cooperation with the public organization “Galician Foundation.” As if by a true miracle, eyes sparkled, and smiles blossomed on the faces of the center’s residents from the shared caroling, aptly complemented by pampukhy (Ukrainian doughnuts), tangerines, and kutia (traditional Christmas dish). May faith in the Miracle fill our hearts!

January 9th – 13th, 2020.