On December 6, 2020, the organizing committee received information about PLAGIARISM, which was resorted to by one of the Project participants. The organizing committee reviewed the post and analyzed the basis for the allegation of plagiarism. As it turned out, the plagiarist painted “his work” from the artwork of Philip Giordano.

The Organizing Committee is sadly announcing the disqualification of the work from the exhibition collection of the Project. It cancels the title of the first degree laureate of the Kherson School of Arts Kateryna Tatus representative.

This incident greatly upset all the organizers and members of the qualification board. The Project Organizing Committee had previously detected plagiarism in the participants’ works, but disqualification, in this case, was carried out before the start of the competitive selection. Therefore, the organizing committee calls on the participants and their teachers to mutual respect, self-awareness, and creative ethics. The Project is aimed exclusively at young artists who have innovative ideas and visions and want to share them with the world!