Today, October 4, 2021, the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives (Vira Galaiko, Serhiy Havrylovych, and Andriy Sendetskyy) again visited the Boryslav Orphanage “Oriana.”

A clear autumn day contributed to a creative activity outside the cell. It was warmer outside than indoors, so everyone wanted to create colorful canvases in the open air. “Oriana” is home to eight insanely friendly and exciting young people aged 6 to 16 years. Each of them had an uncontrollable desire to create something and add to the gallery of this year’s Art Palette. However, some wanted to “recreate” to drown out some creative prank, which was necessary.

This year, the program of the Art Palette Project includes new equipment, with which the leaders of the Center acquaint all their participants. It is nice to see that even the most daring participants create pretty creative and exciting works thanks to an affordable way. The technique involves the use of a large number of paints. Some made their masterpieces on canvases and on themselves and those who happened to be next to the expressive arts.

Four hours of travel and two hours of creative work gave the project several unique works of art. The pupils of “Oriana” – new experiences and new experience in previously unknown techniques. At the end of the meeting, the guest volunteers traditionally treated sweets and fruits to all the orphanage residents.

The works of this year’s Art Palette participants can usually be viewed during the culmination of the All-Ukrainian project for young artists “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” 2021. We invite everyone to follow the announcements of our Center!