On October 9, 2021, the volunteer group of the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives once again visited the Orphanage “Ridny Dim” of the Zolochiv City Council of the Zolochiv district of the Lviv region in the village of Sasiv.

In this center, members of the delegation, with the Lviv School of Arts “SPIROGRAPH”, held an excellent Saturday day. Sixteen residents of the house took an active part in the art master class. The art workshop was coordinated and productive, as noted by the guests and hosts. During the two hours of the creative meeting, all those present got acquainted with the hitherto unknown canvases and techniques of working with paints and made almost two dozen paintings.

By the way, the youngest participant of the master class is only four years old. Still, being highly focused in the process, she surprisingly quickly and carefully completed all stages of her artistic idea, creating her “masterpiece” one of the first. Of course, there were “artistic accents” on the clothes of all participants of the creative meeting. However, this usually brought only different positive emotions to all present.

A particular word of gratitude for the friendliness and efficiency of the contact, which brought everyone a sea of ​​positive emotions and, hopefully, memories, is addressed to the head of the orphanage “Ridny Dim” – Natalia Tamchuk.

Traditionally, under the curtain of the meeting, the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives representatives presented a candy treat to the house’s residents. Such a sweet moment at the end of the work is always appropriate. It brings a beautiful aftertaste to all participants – both involved in joint creative work and those who seem to be in the vortex of creative dialogue with the muse.