We continue the implementation of the traditional educational art program “Art-Palette” within the framework of the All-Ukrainian project “PROSTO NEBILYTSI”. On Saturday, September 24, 2022, a volunteer group of the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives and the “TORBA” Foundation went to the village of Sasiv to visit the District Children’s Home “Native Home”. The name of this house once again convinces the administration’s kinship and benevolence, headed by Mrs. Natalya Tamchuk and, most importantly – its residents, friendly children and teenagers, who wait for our meetings and constantly invite us to visit them.
This time, a group of volunteers prepared a unique program for the interested group of “Native House”, which is based on the complementarity of knowledge of creativity – the combination of stage and visual arts with the aim of the better effect of creating pictures. Therefore, the participants of the master class, whose age covers a relatively wide range – from 5 to 17 years old, enjoyed painting, music, and singing for three hours. The topic of ecology, which is becoming more and more acute in our present, was also raised.
However, everything is in order.

The basis of the meeting was the creation of unique canvases thanks to stamping with various natural materials, primarily plants. Volunteers carefully brought them with them. So, leaves of decorative flowers, trees, or even cones, were prepared for work. But the most important thing is that garden crops are used in this technique: Beijing cabbage, carrots, potatoes, corn, zucchini, etc. With the help of these unique drawing tools, you can create original textures. So, for example, the leaves of Beijing cabbage, which are cut across, give the effect of intricate lines similar to the complex silhouettes of roses, dahlias, or peonies. The rose leaves reflected on the surface form exciting outlines.
Acrylic was chosen as the primary artistic material for work on paintings. This paint allows you to work quickly in the eco-monotype technique. Not one of the 19 participants was not fascinated by this fantastic technique. As a result, nineteen original monotypes were created.
According to our good tradition, these works will be included in the out-of-competition collection of the All-Ukrainian project for young artists “PROSTO NEBILYTSI” 2022, which will be held for the twelfth year in a row.

The highlight of the meeting was the musical accompaniment during the performance of eco-pieces. Our constant volunteer Mr. Petro Melnyk, a talented musician and singer, inspired the young artists with saxophone melodies. By the way, after finishing the work on the monotypes, the participants of this event had the opportunity to ask the musician about the peculiarities of playing this instrument. Mr. Petro willingly told and demonstrated the basics of playing the saxophone. Thus, the residents of the “Native House” had the opportunity to participate in another master class, significantly increasing their interest.
The artistic event was also complemented by the performance of many Ukrainian folk and original songs by all present. The diverse combination of fine and performing arts created an incredible festive coziness in the Sasiv settlement.
The volunteer group, as befits, did not arrive empty-handed but gave the children, in addition to the artistic remains. This sweet treat made the children quite happy.
For their part, the residents of the “Native House” distinguished themselves not for the first time with their touching hospitality and treated the guests to coffee. There were words of gratitude, hugs, and promises to meet again in the following joint creative projects.
Artistic director of the Center for Cultural and Artistic Initiatives, artistic director of the School of Arts “SPIROGRAPH”, director of the Lviv Author’s Drama Theatre “ScenA8” Andriy Sendetskyy, chairman of the board of the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives Serhiy Havrylovych, head of the fine and decorative arts department of the School of Arts “SPIROGRAPH” Oleh Bolyuk express our sincere gratitude to the team of volunteers, led by the head of the volunteer corps, Mrs. Vira Galaiko, as well as the actress of our theater, Mrs. Marta Lototska, the vocal teacher of the SPIROGRAPH School of Arts, Mr. Peter Melnyk, and the old friend of our Center, Mrs. Olha Adam.
We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all benefactors and patrons who have been helping to successfully implement the project and its educational component for several years in a row. Thanks to permanent help from people with big hearts and souls, “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” has been realized for 12 years. Special thanks to every person who fights or helps fight against the aggression of Muscovites, which in turn makes it possible to extend the project’s life and fulfill its purpose and tasks.