Yesterday, the SPIROGRAF Lviv Authors Drama Theater presented premieres of vaudeville performances in two works, Chysta kumedia abo… Hovaisia! (Real comedy or … Hide!) Another premiere, another sold out, another applause in the auditorium, all thanks to you dear fans of the theater arts!

February 16, 2019 LAD Theater ScenA8 presented its new premiere on the stage of the Lviv Academic Puppet Theater. It is reassuring that the works of the Ukrainian classics continue to attract the modern discerning spectator, and their successful productions attract a large audience, which is so sincerely responsive to the actor, the content of the spectacle and the stage theatrical aesthetics.

Among the specialists in drama study and stage critics, the thought is repeatedly heard that today a classic work in classical production and classical performance is outdated, so the creators of the theater arts are prompted to search for new forms endlessly. Of course, these searches are needed, but are they always justified? It happens that because of pursuit of  “creative”, “topical reading” or “projection of contemporary realities” the authors of the theater work, forcing the viewer, who came first to rest, to strain through the broadcast of “newest forms of aesthetics”.

But in the vaudeville “Chysta kumedia abo… Hovaisia!” (Real comedy or … Hide!) the main task of LAD Theater SPIROGRAPH was to keep the academic form of this genre and to leave the Poltava dialect for a hundred years ago, then folk dress, home decoration, folk choreography. This aesthetically proven and well-understood aesthetics, in addition to the psychological and emotional pleasure presented to the viewer, which teaches to remember and love the tradition in folk art, including in the theatrical art.

We thank the staff of the Lviv Academic Puppet Theater for their quality partnership, kindness and professionalism during the preparation of the presentation on their hospitable stage.

We sincerely thank everyone who remains an ardent supporter of LAD Theater ScenA8. We hope that soon our theater will open the door under its own roof for all fans of our work.