Since 2006, the capital of Eastern Galicia becomes the center of extraordinary events every three years due to organizers, participants and guests of the International Charity Fairytales Festival “KAZ.KAR”. This year a fairy tale has settled in Lviv again! Traditionally, the festival was opened with a welcoming speech by its president Andriy Sendetskiy. Today the main kaleidoscope of the events has been enchanted in Lviv Palace of Arts.

The sand animation was replaced by performances of speakers who shared the achievements of their own latest research on the phenomenon of fairy tales with the audience, and theatrical performances followed the literary readings of the author’s fairy tales. The creatively decorated areas can be admired with perfect carnival costumes and an exhibition of the best fine artworks on the topic of fairy tales.

Mr Andriy Sendetskyy has also opened another friendly art space, where works on the exposition of the international project Art Axis are represented. The authors of the best works were awarded hand-made cups symbolizing the axis of art which is the unity of opposites.

All the presenters had time to pamper themselves since the dolls workshop didn’t leave anyone indifferent. Participants of the festival learn about different kinds of theatrical dolls and were able to work a bit on the stage before the audience.

The organizers carefully cared for all present. People were treated to delicious home-made cookies and drinks and invited to enjoy the refined dishes of the Intempo restaurant.

Today, under the wings of the smiling butterfly of the Festival, participants from Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Uman, Berezhany have been heard, and the flags of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel have appeared.

We are looking forward to the next day, because the program is promised to be even more saturated, as competitive nominations for theatrical and fine arts are opened.

One of the goals of the festival is to enable the participation of special guests who are children deprived of parental care. By the efforts of philanthropists, participants and organizers of the festival (triennial) of tales “KAZ.KAR.” 2019, tomorrow, our long-awaited participants from the orphan houses of Lviv region will visit an artistic space spread across several locations of the city.

We invite everyone to visit “KAZ.KAR”!

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