Today, the events of the festival “KAZ.KAR.” have spread to several sites so that the flood of positive emotions inherent in fairy tales has covered as much of the area as possible of hospitable Lviv.

Since the earliest morning the “Theatre” nomination has begun in Lviv Regional Academic Puppet Theater.

Guests from Lisichansk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Bila Tserkva and Belarus played fabulous performances. Actors, puppets, and glove dolls came to life in enchanting ways on the stage. The International Qualification Commission, which included the People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR Larysa Kadyrova, People’s Artist of Ukraine Hryhoriy Shumeiko, and Slovenian theater scholar Miroslav Ballay, were evaluating demonstrations.

During the breaks the viewer did not bother because the authors of the storytellers from Lviv and the Bila Tserkva took part in the nomination “Literature” in the hall of fairy tales. Conveniently sitting on pillows, little children and adults did not fall asleep listening to fairy tales, but on the contrary they took an active part in helping the readers.

Here, in the hall of the theater, the organizers of the festival treated all the participants and guests with coffee, tea and delicious meals.

At the hospitable locations of the Lviv Historical Museum in the galleries of the Kornyakta Stoney Building (Rynok Square 6) and the Massarivka Kamienica (Rynok Square, 24), the president of the festival Andriy Sendetskyy opened the competition part of the nomination “Fine Arts”. After drawing, representatives of the qualification commission, including Ukrainian artists Victoria Kovalchuk, Julia Stempitska, and Polish artists Misia Konopka, Agnieszka Daca, announced the topics of the contest plein air: “Once upon a time for the king of the Pea” and “Alright …”. And the contestants began to create their own original interpretations of the theme.

The organizers have taken care that lovely guests from several orphanages and boarding schools could enjoy performances at all festival venues. For one day, the guests had time to take part in the master classes of illuminating a letter, to create types from the monotype; view plays; have a lunch and have some sweet treats.

The final day of the International Charitable Festival “KAZ.KAR.” was completed with the events of the day, an enchanting fairy-tale “Lion King”. It was brought by Saksaganskiy Kyiv Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater from Bila Tserkva. Literally, the entire audience moved into events that were swirling in one of the African Prides.

Smiles and joyful emotional comments from viewers were the best presents for the organizers. Consequently, KAZ.KAR. continues its mission to increase faith in good fairy tales!