On a background of not simple political, socio-economic events in a country, International fairy-tales triennial KAZ.KAR. 2019 successfully took place and wrote down the achievements of fifth edition Festival in its own history.

In his saturated program the pressing questions of theory and practice of fairy tale science were affected on the  “round table” and Scientific and Practical Conference; selected works are presented by theatrical, adapted for the stage, carnival  suits which represent ideas of interpretation of fairy-tale heroes/ heroines;

there is founded the periodic display of the best linens of artists from the different countries of the International competition “Art Axis”; the exhibition of young talents is open on a fairy-tales theme; a two-day competition is conducted for a fine art on the slogans declared during drawing by lot; the row of competitive and guest presentations is examined from the different cities of Ukraine and foreignness; the authorial reading of literati-tale-tellers is listened; a scale competition is conducted in a choreographic art nomination.

This year, an international congress of fairy-tale art connoisseurs and creators, whose powerful events have just been listed, was happily realized in a budget without the financial assistance of the state budget and the organizational support of state power structures. This fact demonstrates that a solid team of professionals is able to offer a quality product to society. Permanent and new sponsors and the great soul of MAECENAS actively participated in the realization of the next international event, volunteers and creators of fairy tales of international scale participated.

The 2019 Festival hosted representatives from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, and numerous cities in Ukraine. Hundreds of visitors were the direct spectators of festival events at many locations in Lviv. Due to its organizers, special guests of the Festival became persons deprived of parental care and with physical disabilities, orphans from a number of orphans of Lviv region. Children and adolescents from large families and children whose parents are ATO / JFO participants participated in the congress of the storytellers.

“Together, we are able to give a fairy tale to those who need it, who need its bright events in their lives.” – The artistic director and director of the Festival Andriy Sendetskyy mentioned

Les Orivskyi

We would like to thank all the Project partners who stay with us, as well as those who have complemented the Goodwill Affiliate Partnership.