On June 25, 2021, the fourth meeting of the project participants took place within the art project “Portrait of the Museum: Lviv Open-Air Museum”.

Since the variety of trees and the palette of flowers falls in the month of June, naturally, the organizers made sure that the main genre of fine arts in the fourth meeting was the landscape. Polissya and Volyn became territorial boundaries on the Ukrainian ethnographic map.

The meeting began in the exhibition hall of the Museum with a welcoming speech by the artistic director of the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives, Andriy Sendetskyy. In particular, he noted that today’s plein air is the equator of the cycle of sketches. In his speech, he reminded that in the creative work of each participant, it is necessary to reflect the original vision of the “portrait” of the Museum.

Participants had the opportunity to listen to the story of Associate Professor of Ethnology, Faculty of History, Lviv National University. Ivan Franko, Doctor of Historical Sciences Volodymyr Halaychuk, was invited by the partner of the Art Project – Lviv Open-Air Museum. The lecturer spoke about the Ukrainian tradition of decorating homes with plants during the Green Holidays, including the rite of driving the “Kust”. The archaic rite of human well-being of Nature, the souls of ancestors, embodied in the girl-Kust, in 2018 was included in the National list of elements of the intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine, so we see such close attention to this already exotic celebration today.

The second part of the meeting was a tour of the Museum, which reveals the color of the “Green Holidays” and the landscape. Museum staff Olga Khimiy and Zoryana Tsypysheva acquainted with interesting the Lviv region sector.

The organizers and partners of the art project remind:

Participation in the Project is free. The program of the meeting: acquaintance with the organizers and participants, sightseeing tour of a separate ethnographic area, a short presentation of the theme of the Etude and a sketch of the future work, which should be a touch to the portrait of the jubilee – the Klymentii Sheptytskyi Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Lviv (Chernecha Hora Street, 1).

Those wishing to take part in the next meeting and create their own portrait of the Lviv Open-Air Museum should register on the Center for Cultural and Artistic Initiatives in Lviv website.

One-time registration allows free participation in other meetings-studies of the Project “Portrait of the Museum: Lviv Open-Air Museum”, scheduled monthly until August inclusive, and provides free access to the museum to create a “portrait”.

The Project is implemented by the Center for Cultural and Artistic Initiatives in Lviv in partnership with the Klimenty Sheptytsky Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv. The description of the Project can be found on the page of the organizer – artcenter.org.ua and partner – lvivskansen.org

Let’s create a “Portrait of a Museum” together!