In 2021, the NGO Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives in Lviv and the Klymentii Sheptytskyi Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Lviv realized the fifth edition of the International Art Project “Portrait of the Museum: Lviv Open-Air Museum”.

For six months, amateurs and professional artists of all ages created works of art that reflected the “portrait” of the Lviv open-air museum.

Andriy Sendetskyy, Olena Viniarska

Portrait sketches of landscapes of one of the favorite museum centers also called “Shevchenko Grove”, are dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of its founding.

Despite moscow’s aggression and the difficult trials that have occurred each of us in this national liberation struggle against the occupier, our permanent cultural front, which is open not only to destroying moscow-soviet invasions but also against the internal enemy that has crept into the offices’ authorities at all levels, we present an exhibition of works of art on the Internet. We will invite you to the collection in real-time after our glorious Victory over russia in all its manifestations.

On the occasion of the International Day of Museums, which multiplies, preserves, studies, and promotes the cultural treasury of humanity, the Center for Cultural and Artistic Initiatives solemnly represents the most successful works created within the art project “Portrait of the Museum: Lviv Open-Air Museum”. We are convinced that our work is a notable result of promoting the heritage of the open-air museum, Lviv, and Ukraine in general, which is another contribution to strengthening the cultural values ​​of Ukrainians.

Olha Lokatyr, Yuriy Shchobak

The Project has no age restrictions or educational preferences, so its participants can be professional artists and amateurs, young and experienced artists, i.e., all those attracted to a museum and whose portrait the Project participants wanted to share with the world. The Project envisages the participation of persons under the care of specialized institutions (orphans, people with special needs, etc.). Their participation is traditionally closely connected with the resource opportunities of the organizers and partners of the art event, so we encourage you to join the Honorary Group of Project Patrons actively.

Iryna Zanko, Oleh Bolyuk, Bohdan Andriishyn

The Art Project “Portrait of the Museum” aims to create a creative impression of the portrait of the Museum, thanks to the associative series, aftertaste, images, the brightest nuances, acquaintances, including artists participating in the Project. Each of the registered participants creates their original vision of the Museum. The portrait is an exemplary image of the Museum. Each meeting has its theme, which facilitates the search for an idea for the work or focuses on the institution’s specifics where the project “Portrait of the Museum” takes place. The Project’s culmination is a collection of works of art presented in the Museum. Then the exhibition travels through the exhibition halls of the Center’s partner institutions, both within the country and abroad. The best works of the exposition collection remain in the artistic fund of the Project.

Initiator, founder, organizer

Благодійний фонд ТОРБА, Центр Культурно-Мистецьких Ініціатив, Театр ScenA8

Partner, co-organizer and “nature” of 2021

Guides, lecturers, masters:
Serhiy Tsypyshev, Lesya Garasym, Oksana Omelchuk, Zoryana Tsypysheva, Volodymyr Galaychuk, Oksana Bratun, Maria Yanko, Vitaliya Ponomareva, Olga Khimiy.