Dear Friends, Patrons, and Like-minded people!

At the turn of spring and summer, every three years, we hold a large-scale charity extravaganza – International Charitable Festival (Triennial) of fairy tales “KAZ.KAR.”, which actively involves orphans, people with special needs, fans and creators of fairy tales of all ages and countries of origin. As many already know, the Festival includes nominations for theater, fine arts, dance, literature, and research on the phenomenon of fairy tales. In general, in the triennial of fairy tales, “KAZ.KAR.” hundreds of connoisseurs of this universal genre of world art take part.

In 2019, the next 6th Festival in May-June 2022 was announced from our multi-day artistic event sites. However, no one foresaw the bloody invasion of Evil in our country. Considering all the objective political factors, the disturbing realities that take place every day in Ukraine, and adhering to human moral principles, we think it reasonable to postpone the date of the Fairy Tale Festival after the Victory of Good over Evil.

We want to take this opportunity to once again express our sincere gratitude to our Warriors of Light on all fronts for their daily heroic and victorious battles against the Dark Forces, which for hundreds of years have been an insult to human dignity.

On the International Children’s Day occasion, we wish all children by age and feel about leaving bright moments, emotions, and memories of childhood in their hearts. If everyone adhered to this principle, there would be no wars, and there would be more minor disasters!

With love and faith in the Light, with the increase of Good, and with the approach of Victory.

 Organizing Committee of the International Charitable Festival (Triennial) of Fairy Tales “KAZ.KAR.” (LAD Theater “ScenA8“, Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives in Lviv, Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation “TORBA“).