The educational art program “Art-palette” has been launched, which is implemented annually by Lviv institutions – NGO “Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives” and the Сharity fund “TORBA”. This time, “Art-palette” is conducted within the framework of the All-Ukrainian project for young artists “Prosto Nebylytsi”.

Thanks to the victorious struggle of our warriors and the selfless People with big hearts, who jointly bring Victory to Ukraine, crushing the russian aggressor, it is possible to continue our charitable projects and programs. After all, the art education program was created primarily for those who do not have the opportunity to develop their creative potential on their own.

This year’s “Art-Palette” began its season on June 10 at the specialized center “Native House”, located in the village of Sasiv in Lviv region. The students of this institution have participated in the educational program before, thanks to our volunteer corps.

Sixteen undoubtedly talented young creators of the “Native House” had the opportunity to get acquainted with a previously unknown painting technique to them – fluid art. The plasticity of paint flows on the surface allows for the creation of unique vibrant canvases. Delicate and skillful touches with auxiliary tools to the thickness of the paint help achieve an impressive realization of the artistic idea. The process is so captivating that the sense of time is lost. After all, the flow of paint with its movement magically intrigues the eye. Each author of a painting that is in the process of being born feels like a magician of something beautiful, yet unseen. Therefore, the educators who are taking care of the young talents also didn’t stay away from this creative process. It’s always pleasing to observe guardians, out of their own initiative and desire, creating their own canvases alongside the students.

During the fluid art workshop, more than twenty works of art were created, most of which will be presented at the culmination of the “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” Project. The works of the students of the “Native House” will be presented alongside the best artistic creations of young artists from all over Ukraine.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the people of good will: the long-time leader of the volunteer corps, Vira Galaiko, and her colleagues – Marta Lototska and Olha Mavdryk.

This year, the Sivakivskyi family: Oleh and Myroslava and their daughter Magdalena, who has chosen the path of an artist, studying drawing, joined the circle of People with big hearts. These benefactors, on their own initiative, supported the implementation of the educational program “Art-Palette”, purchasing art materials for the students of specialized centers. After the workshop, all participants received a traditional sweet treat from the volunteers. This, of course, is a small thing, but always appropriate and expected.

We invite everyone interested to follow the events of each edition of the All-Ukrainian project for young artists “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” and announcements of other events on our media resources.

With faith in the beautiful and eternal to save the world.

Project Organizing Committee