The Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives in Lviv congratulates the graduates of the School of Arts SPIROGRAPH in 2023 on their excellent choice to continue their artistic journey in higher education!

Successful entrance exams were passed by:

  • Maria Ivanchak, who has been admitted to the Department of Book Graphics at the Ukrainian Academy of Printing.
  • Anna Tyutyunnik, who has chosen to study Environmental Design at the National University ‘Lviv Polytechnic’ and, simultaneously, specialized in Interior Architecture and Art of New Media at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.
  • Anastasia Terletska, who decided to pursue Publishing and Printing at the National University ‘Lviv Polytechnic.’

It is once again delightful to note that the dedicated and determined SPIROGRAPH graduates are paving the way to a bright future.

The teaching methodology of the highly professional faculty at SPIROGRAPH, the perseverance of the students, and the understanding and support of parents are the very formula for success that consistently yields high-quality results. Special congratulations and gratitude to the parents of each applicant who have been and continue to be part of the SPIROGRAPH creative family.

Together, we march towards victory!

We express our gratitude to every defender who safeguards Ukraine and the civilized world from the criminal aggression of the moscow invader.

Maria Ivanchak

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!