The Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives in Lviv continues to bolster Ukraine’s cultural dialogue with the global community by presenting the latest creative achievements of the twelfth consecutive project for young artists, “Prosto Nebylytsi” (“ПРОСТО НЕБИЛИЦІ”). This artistic event is undeniable evidence of good neighborly coexistence between states and a guarantee of mutual understanding among nations, sometimes even despite political sentiments in power. Undoubtedly, cultural diplomacy has become a key instrument in the development of cultural dialogue. To confirm this, it is essential to note that the Ukrainian-Slovak dialogue in visual arts for children and youth has been successful.

Starting from November 13, 2023, a portion of the exhibition featuring the best works of the All-Ukrainian project for young artists, “Prosto Nebylytsi” 2022, unfolded at the Prešov Regional Museum (Krajské múzeum v Prešove) to represent the creative achievements of Ukrainian youth in Slovakia. The exhibition showcases 38 works, almost a third of the total collection from 2022. It is crucial to highlight once again that one of the ongoing goals of the project is to support youth with special needs and those without parental care. The exhibition in Prešov will run until January 8, 2024. Thus far, “Prosto Nebylytsi” has successfully presented itself in professional exhibition halls in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, and Germany. In 2023, Slovakia marks the final stage of the tour for the All-Ukrainian project for young artists, “Prosto Nebylytsi” 2022.

The successful implementation of the project on an international level became possible due to the tireless efforts of the experts from the NGO “Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives” in Lviv, the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation TORBA, and the partnership with the Lviv Author’s Dramatic Theater “ScenA8.” Sincere gratitude is extended to sponsors, patrons, and volunteers who annually support all necessary actions for the successful functioning of “Prosto Nebylytsi.” We especially value the heroic victories of our Warriors who eliminate the occupants on our land, so Ukraine finally stands alongside flourishing nations worldwide.

The representation of the project’s works is perceived not only as an art exhibition but also as a confident and significant step forward in the current strengthening of cultural dialogue, bringing together cultural elites and civic activists. Together, we have been shaping Ukraine’s reputation in the international arena for twelve years. Each participant, artwork author, parent of young artists, international qualification committee, benefactors, and volunteers are indispensable links in the successful realization of this project and the worthy representation of Ukraine to the world – a country open to civilized coexistence among nations.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

The project is being implemented for another consecutive year, thanks to every individual who, at the cost of their own life, health, and opportunities, defends the territorial integrity and peace in Ukraine and the world against russian aggression.

Andriy Senetskyy, Chairman of the Board of the Project