Today, April 4, 2021, on the Bright Resurrection of Christ’s glorious feast according to the Gregorian calendar, the Lviv artist Victoria Kovalchuk passed away – an incredible creative personality, a colorful figure, a man with a capital letter.
The authorship of Ms. Victoria’s artwork cannot be confused with any other artist. They are inspired by light, warmth, and love. Incredible soul and heart A man who was sincere, open, friendly.

She was and remained in our memory! During the many years of our acquaintance and permanently occasional communication, Ms. Victoria has never spoken contemptuously of fellow artists – professional artists or young and young beginners. She has always been interested in what can be helpful and has never been interested in how it will benefit her… And Mrs. Victoria was incredibly anxious to support children’s creativity.

Active participant of the International Charity Fairytales Festival “KAZ.KAR.” 2013, 2016, 2019, desperate volunteer of the All-Ukrainian project for young artists “PROSTO NEBYLYTSI” 2014-2020, one of the first regular participants of the International art project without age restrictions “Art Axis”, an ardent admirer of LAD Theatre “ScenA8” at the time of her first visit (2010) during the start of his permanent repertoire. This is just a tiny part of many of her bright events in which we had to work together.

I want to exclaim once again the fascinating “BRAVO! VIVAT!” To a person full of the great Light of Truth, which she sincerely shared with the world, despite the sorrows that this world has repeatedly presented to her as a test.
On behalf of the staff of the Center for Cultural & Arts Initiatives in Lviv and Lviv Author’s Drama Theatre “ScenA8” we express our deep condolences to the family and friends of Victoria Kovalchuk on her untimely death. A significant loss for our city, country, and the world art community. Now her bright soul will paint the sky with bright colors. Eternal memory to her!