On Saturday, February 27, 2021, the Lviv Authorial Drama Theatre “ScenA8” honored the first director and artistic director’s memory, the Oleh Novohatsky Lviv Theatre Variety Miniatures “Both People and Puppets”. He was a great soul and an original Maestro in his creative activity for Lviv in particular and Ukraine in general.

Actors of Lviv Authorial Drama Theatre “ScenA8” played a vaudeville play in two acts “Real comedy or … Hide!” in the production of the artistic director, director Andriy Sendetskyy based on the plays of Ivan Tendetnikov “Who laughs, so it will not pass” and Mykola Albykovsky “Zhartivnytsya (Girl’s jokes)”.

On February 25, 2021, 84 years have passed since the birth of Oleh Novohatsky.

O. Novohatsky’s path in creating his theater was quite tricky. Thanks to his willpower and pedagogical skills, he united like-minded people who became active builders, albeit the smallest but successful theater in Lviv. It is worth recalling that during the twenty-five years of Ukraine’s independence, Oleh Novokhatsky became the only patron in Ukraine to donate his theater to the city community. Today, the Oleh Novohatsky Lviv Theatre Variety Miniatures “Both People and Puppets” has slightly changed its repertoire course but remains an active center, opening its doors to the audience, both very young and adults.

Happy birthday, Maestro Oleh Novohatsky!